Thoroughfare Plan Update

In January, the Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed a draft of the revised Thoroughfare Plan. Many residents and neighboring property owners attended the meeting to learn about and discuss the changes. The revised plan incorporates several of the recommendations that were made at the January meeting. Read more…

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A deeper level of transparency

Rays Of Sun Through Smoke In The Trees

Welcome to the Branch Out Blog. We’re very excited about this new project, and have big plans for it. We hope that this blog will be among the first of many like it from cities and towns across the country.

In this first post, we simply want to explain our intentions.

Led in equal parts by improvements in technology and a desire for openness, there has been a push in recent years for government at all levels to be more transparent. We believe that, while this is certainly a positive development, there is an aspect of transparency that this movement is neglecting.  Read more…

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The Branch Out Blog is the official blog of the City of Hudson Oaks. In the interest of transparency and better governance, we talk openly and earnestly about what we're doing, why we're doing it, and other issues related to local government, specifically in the state of Texas.